Titan Water Solutions is the leading provider of water softeners and water conditioners in Southwest Florida. Our experienced team of industry professionals are dedicated to making your water clean by providing the highest quality, affordable systems and services. You can count on Titan Water Solutions for all of your water filtration needs.

We Service both residential and commercial in Hillsborough, Polk, Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota Counties and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking for the the best water softener on the market with the best warranty, look no further. Sales, Service, and install we do it all at the best price. For system info click here or visit our system info page.

clean drinking water

We all need clean drinking water, making it affordable and easy is what we’re great at.

We all need clean drinking water, making it affordable and easy is what we’re great at.

We all need clean drinking water, making it affordable and easy is what we’re great at.

Keep you and your family safe.

Titan Water Softeners and Water Conditioners are an easy, effective and affordable way to protect your household from the harmful effects of lead and other common water contaminants. We offer a variety of systems to meet your unique needs from the most severe levels of water contamination to the most benign levels. The help of a water professional, is just a Call away. 813-712-9528

Impact on Hygiene

Hard water can have an impact on your skin and well-being if it’s not treated correctly. Hard water leads to drier skin which leaves you itchy and uncomfortable and you’re more susceptible to razor burn when you shave.

Hard water also impacts your hair by decreasing its volume, leaving it more limp than usual. If you color your hair, you’ll notice it fades at a faster rate than if you use soft water.

The Cost of Hard Water

When hard water scale buildup forms in your pipes, it slows the efficiency of your water-using appliances. More energy is required for your water heater to function, and the flow of water to your dishwasher and washing machine slows down. These deficiencies can lead to higher utility costs.

Here are some numbers to back it up:

  • 29% more energy is used to heat your water during the life of your water heater if you have hard water.
  • Over 10 years, it’s estimated your Electric bill will be $1,500 more if you have hard water.
  • The lifespan of home appliances decrease by 30-50%.
  • Annual costs for laundry detergent, bath and kitchen soaps and lotions jumps to $450 more without a water softener.
    • You save 75-80% on these costs with a water softener.

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