If you have questions or would like to sign up, we do service Non-Titan units as well. Call or send us an email 📧 customerservice@titancleanwater.com 📞 813-712-9528

Titan Care $250/yr

Titan Care is our way of making sure that you always have the best water possible for your family. When you sign up for Titan Care, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning, servicing or maintaining your water system.** Instead, your Titan Water Expert will be there to keep it running in top condition with regular and reliable service. Titan Care includes salt*, parts, and labor for as long as you are a member.

With low annual payments and no hidden fees, it’s never been easier to enjoy water the way it’s meant to be: clean and safe.

Our Titan Care Service is a route not an appointment. The route can not be changed and you can not schedule a specific time for service.


Depending on your location and system, we will set a schedule to regularly check your Titan Water system. Here’s what you can expect from each check.

Water Softeners and Conditioners
  • Preventative Maintenance – Every 8 weeks a Titan Technician will perform a check up and maintenance on your system
  • Salt Delivery – We will maintain the salt for your system*
  • Test Water – scheduled, not done at time of service
  • No Charge for replacement parts or labor ***
  • If you are unable to be home for the service we do leave the two bags of salt by the garage so you can add them when you get home.
  • Annual brine bin cleaning. If you would like to know how to do this more often here is an article on how to do that.

Our Titan Care Service is a route not an appointment. The route can not be changed and you can not schedule a specific time for service.

Titan Care For Well Systems $300/yr

  • Titan Water Softener/Conditioner and Sulfur filter
  • Everything from standard Titan Care + the regular maintenance of the Air Over Carbon Sulfur filter

Titan Water Solutions is not responsible for dead grass or plants from moved or cut drain lines.

*two – 40lb bags of salt per bimonthly visit max. Each additional 40lb bag is an additional charge of $10 per bag.

**The Titan Care Program is available to current and new Titan customers. You MUST join and remain a Titan Care Customer with no lapse in payment, failure to pay removes you from the program. You can re-join Titan Care but you may not qualify for all of the benefits.

*** wear and tear items are defined as regular use items. If the damage is caused by something other that regular use then there may be a service/parts/labor charge. Cut power lines are not considered wear and tear items.

Salt bags will be left by the garage if you are not available to open the garage for service. Titan will not send the tech back out to add the bags to the bin after the bags have been left.