What is soft water?

To understand soft water, we need to know what makes water hard. Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. It’s a natural result of minerals like calcium and magnesium accumulating during the water cycle, and it can happen with well water and even city water.  The more calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water, the harder the water becomes. This is why certain cities and counties within the same state can have varying degrees of water hardness.

Titan Water System treats your water at the point it enters the home. Having soft water means removing these hard impurities before the water travels through your pipes and into your water-using appliances, and before you draw water from the taps of your bathrooms and kitchen.  Soft water is less than 1 gpg, whereas hard water is anything above 7gpg. Over 85% of households live in hard water areas.

Titan’s whole home filtration systems offers you a water softener system and water conditioning system, creating the healthiest water for all uses.

Why does soft water make me feel slippery?

A Titan water system removes the impurities in your water so your skin is rinsed without hard water minerals left behind. There is no residue on your skin to trap traces of soap, dead skin cells and other particles. And no residue left behind that dries your skin. The slippery, softness you feel is exactly how clean skin is supposed to feel.

The same way that soft water eliminates water spots that dry onto your glassware and silverware, it allows your bath soaps to lather better and rinse off completely.  Soaps will lather better and you’ll be able to use half as much.

How much salt does my system need?

As long as your system has salt present its enough to do a regeneration cycle. We recommend you only fill the salt bin half way full maximum to prevent a salt bridge. The amount of salt has noting to do with how clean your water is. Salt is only used to clean the resin that softens the water.

How does a water softener work?

One of the biggest misconceptions about water softeners is that the salt is what softens your water.  What actually softens the water are the billions of resin beads inside your softener that filter out hard water minerals.

  • Water softeners use a negatively charged ion exchange resin to collect the impurities from your water. The resin becomes charged when it mixes with a sodium or potassium solution. The salt in the water softener isn’t what softens the water; it is what enables the resin to collect and remove the hardness from your water.
  • The Titan Water System softens your water, and also removes the chlorine taste and odors, which is often a result of water treated by cities and municipalities.
  • Regeneration is the term for when the resin is being cleaned and recharged with the sodium solution.

Can I drink my tap water after its filtered?

Absolutely, the water will be bottled quality after it passes through your Titan Water System. We not only soften the water, we remove the bad smells, bad tastes, and chemicals.

Why is there water in my salt tank?

It is normal for water to be in the salt tank. This is called brine, the system is designed to self regulate how much water is in the brine tank. If you suspect a leak contact Titan Water Solutions.

My water feels too soft, can I adjust it?

No. Soft water is soft. You can not adjust the amount of minerals being removed from the water.

How often is my system serviced with Titan Care?

Titan Care is a bimonthly service. We come out every other month to do your salt service and system check.

What is the pink slim in by bathroom?

This pink/orange slime is an airborne bacteria called Seratia Marcesens. For more info on S. Marcesens you can go here