Dirt in the brine tank: It’s normal?

Dirt in the brine tank? If you own or operate a water softener, you might notice a layer of dirt or grime that builds up around the insides of the tank. It can look gray, or foamy and this is probably making you cringe, but the good thing is that it’s completely normal.

Dirt in the brine tank

First of all, it’s important to understand where the dirt in your brine tank comes from. Water softener salt, is not 100 percent pure, and does have some impurities because it is harvested naturally. Also, dirt or grime can be present in the water itself before it is filtered.

Know that having some dirt in your brine tank is perfectly fine. The brine water never enters the home, and that our water softeners are designed to filter out the dirt before it goes into your water supply. With that said, some of our customers prefer to occasionally wipe out their system.

Once every few years, if you are interested in cleaning your brine tank, here is what Titan Water suggests: (This is covered by Titan Care if you’re a member, once per year and upon request)

Instructions on how to clean your salt bin

1)      Let the salt level in your water softener drop very low, as close to empty as you can get it. (keep in mind that when the salt is completely gone for an extended period, you can have hard water for a day or two)

2)      Run a manual regeneration cycle to help flush out the equipment. For instructions on how to manually regenerate the unit in your home, please refer to your equipment’s service manual.

3)       Disconnect the brine line and clean out any excess salt or dirt. Some softeners allow you to also disconnect the brine tank, allowing you to easily wipe the basin clean. We suggest using a mixture of warm water and a little bit of bleach.

4)      When the brine line and brine tank are clean, reconnect them to the water softener and run another regeneration cycle. This will help flush out any excess soap or cleaners you may have used while cleaning out the tank.

5)      Finally, don’t forget to refill your brine tank with salt! (half full is considered full in Florida to prevent salt dam or bridge.)

At Titan Water Solutions, we’re ready to answer any of your water softener questions. If you need help with maintenance or repairs. Or if you’d like to have one of our friendly techs deliver salt and fill your brine tank. Call us at 813-712-9528 or e-mail us at customerservice@titancleanwater.com. You can also check us out on facebook

HELPFUL HINT: When you are emptying the brine tank, make sure to dump the salt/water mixture far away from any grass or plants.