We see a lot of franchises and home service companies offering reverse osmosis systems without regard for the health of the person they are selling them to. This is where we disagree with them and do not offer those systems.

What is reverse osmoses or R.O.?

Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane to squeeze impurities and minerals from water.

Why is this bad?

When water passes through this membrane it removes all of the good minerals from water which are your electrolytes that the body needs.

Why do franchises and home service water filtration companies offer RO water if it’s bad?

These companies offer RO water because it makes them a lot of profit! RO systems are extremely cheap and the filters are extremely cheap. These companies use it to raise a sales ticket and they charge a lot for the extensive maintenance they need. It’s all about making a huge profit off of the people they are servicing vs providing clean healthy water.

Here are a few resources for you to look over.

Bacteria in RO water. (National Library of Medicine) Gastrointestinal health effects associated with the consumption of drinking water produced by point-of-use domestic reverse-osmosis filtration units.

Dangers of Reverse Osmosis by Vk Muthu retired professor of Community Medicine 

Don’t be fooled!

Don’t get fooled into paying hundreds or even thousands by a company trying to sell you a RO system if you’re using a Titan Water System. We specialize in removing the bad chemicals and other VOCs from your water while maintaining a healthy PH and alkalinity level. This means we are not removing the minerals your body needs.