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Looking for soft clean drinkable water throughout your home? The Titan Water Softener and Conditioner is the answer. All of our water softeners and conditioners come with a lifetime warranty.

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Clean drinkable water is one of our most valuable resources.

Looking for soft clean drinkable water throughout your home? The Titan Water Softener/Conditioner is the answer.

Smelly Water?

Our system starts off with a 50,000 grain unit, this gives better filtration capacity. We first filter the water with a premium high density Garnet. Garnet is hard like granite, it’s crushed into a thick sand and is used as a heavy sediment filter. Garnet also evenly distributes the water through the unit.

Then the water goes through our Premium Commercial grade 10% crosslink ion exchange resin. Resin is used to pull the calcium and magnesium out of the water. These minerals are what give us hard water. Water spots, dry skin, dull hair, and the crusty build up on faucets and appliances. We filter a lot of restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, and spas throughout Florida and use the same high-end resin on the homes we service because of its durability. Our resin is the only one in Florida that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The water then goes through our Pharmaceutical Grade Coconut Shell Carbon. This is the same carbon we use on the Pharmacies, hospitals and restaurants we filter. There are a few types of carbon we see, Bituminous carbon, Activated carbon, and Coconut Shell Carbon. Bituminous carbon, and Activated Carbon are soft carbons with a larger pore size. They break down fast and don’t hold up as well to Florida water needing replaced every two to three years. Most companies use Bituminous Carbon because of its low cost. We use our Pharmaceutical Grade Coconut Shell Carbon because it’s extremely hard, has a very small pore size, so it’s able to catch all of the bad chemicals like chlorine, and regenerates very easily, this comes with our lifetime warranty. Our coconut shell carbon is used to pull all of the chemicals to a very high percentage, bad smells and bad tastes from the water, giving you better than bottled quality water from every faucet in your home.

Florida has naturally alkaline water which is what we want to drink, this is why we don’t do the reverse osmosis (RO) unless we have to in places such as apartments, condos or where we are unable to install our main system. R.O. water is very acidic because it removes too many good minerals from the water which is not good for our body or health. The companies that push these do it because their systems are not able to filter the water completely and because of the extra money they make off of you for yearly filter replacements, which can be very costly.

Our system tracks all of the water used and when it needs to clean itself with the brine solution. Our valves are extremely low maintenance and very easy to work on. This will give you decades of fresh, clean, chemical free water with no maintenance other than adding salt a few times a year, which we can help with. All of our units come with a Lifetime Warranty on the media and when on Titan Care we cover the entire unit with a lifetime warranty.

Hard water stains and crusty buildup
Hard water has destroyed this fixture.
Hard Water vs Soft Water and your plumbing



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Water is one of the most important natural resources we have and it should be clean and safe.

Water Treatment Solutions for YOUR Water!



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