Titan Water Solutions uses three hand selected medias to give you that absolute best water and a system that will out last other home systems by 4-5 times. For water softening we use a Premium Restaurant Grade 10% Cross link Ion Exchange Resin. Our Resin is used to remove the calcium and magnesium that damages your home with water spots and stains, crusty build up and shorting the lifespan of your appliances, did we mention dry skin, and hair.

For water conditioning we use a Pharmaceutical Grade Coconut shell activated carbon. Our Carbon is designed to remove all of the bad smells, bad tastes, and chemicals. Our Coconut Shell Carbon is used to remove heavy metals such as lead, chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine, HAA5 and other VOCs.

We use Garnet at the base of the media bed. Garnet is a high-density filtration media used to remove fine particulates. It’s hard like granite and very finely crushed to stop sediment from entering your home and give you even better water quality throughout your home.

We pair all of these different medias in a 50K grain unit for maximum effectiveness. The Titan Water System is controlled by an electronic control valve to do automate system regeneration. The Titan Water System will do a self cleaning or regeneration cycle based on the amount of water you use or selected days. Titan Water Systems come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Don’t pay thousands more for brands that under perform.

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